Band Bio

TD Towers

Full Name: Theodore Danikov Towers
Born: September 19, 1986
Originally From: The Raspberry Patch
Currently located in:Passed out under The Beetlejuice Table

Favorite Movies:
Flea: Adventures In Spontaneous Jamming, The Pelican Brief

Favorite TV:
Beetlejuice cartoons

Favorite Books:
"The Drawing of Three" by Stephen King

Favorite Food:

Favorite Beatle:

Favorite/Most Influential Music: "...And Justice For All" by Metallica, with TD Towers bass playing overdubbed

Favorite Concert: Dear Friends with Nobuo Uematsu

5 Desert Island Discs: Complete Symphonies: Edward Elgar

Quote: "I am the best bass player in progressive music, because my ideas and melodies are the best" - TD Towers

Hi, this is TD Towers. This is probably the only thing you will ever hear from me. James Schoen had to assault me with hot pokers in order to get me to write this. I am a bass player (the best), not a writer! Btw, I am kidding, Steve Harris and Flea are better bass players than me, but they are the only ones.

I play an Alembic bass from the 80s (when I was born- the same year as Aliens came out!), I am actually from Albania but came over when I was 11 with my mom who is a ghost. I met James at a Starbucks, where I was passed out drunk using a Rice Krispies treat as a pillow that I could eat if I became hungry and felt like I could hold down food. James bought me a White Chocolate Mocha which I greedily drank down, burning my throat and the top part of my heart and lungs. The burning I regretted immediately but the taste was orgasmeek. James informed me that I had accepted his gift of a Coffee and that now I had to be his bass player in Edensong for life. I hit him in the face and tried to bite him with my braces because I don't want to be a caged animal! I wrote my own music around midi drums and I wasn't interested in anything else. Little did I know that was about to change no matter if I liked it to or not.

I woke up two nights later, drunk and hurting in a patch of rasberries. After consuming as many rasberries as I could, I stood up in the patch and found myself staring at a strangely orange house. I saw that there was someone in a leather cowboy hat staring at me through a window. Before I could look for too long, this figure jumped out of the window, fracturing the glass, and ran at me at 100 kilometers per hour. He had a fist outstretched and ran and hit me right in the gut.

I came to in James Schoen's basement. He was standing over me, looking down at me with a mother's affection. It dawned on me it was his Rasberry Patch and it was his Orange House and now I was his Bass Slave. James fed me drugs and alcohol to keep me going, and when I performed well, I was rewarded with a scalding hot White Chocolate Mocha which I was allowed to smell before it was cast ruthlessly onto the skin of my face and neck.

James Schoen took me to Guitar Center to get a bass since using his red Squier electric guitar tuned down just wasn't cutting it for Edensong music. He told me that since I was so talented at melodic bass, that I could have any bass in the store that I desired, so long as I stole it. I had never stolen anything in my life, but I was worried that if I didn't get a bass, James Schoen and his family of Tiny Terrors would torment me and burn my body alive in the raspberry patch to provide nutrients to the soil. I ran into Guitar Center with a brown burlap bag around my head with eye holes cut out so I could see and black stockings over my eyes and nose so no one could see, even through the eye holes. I hit anyone in my way, even moms. Eventually I found my Alembic bass, and I took it and I used it to hit anyone who tried to stop me on the way out. I did a slide under the turnstile and used one of the tuning pegs on the bass to hit the check-out guy in his eye socket. The squish I felt then will stick with me forever.

James Schoen drove me back to his house and his mother made me carrot cake which she fed me by pulling up the underside of my burlap mask. We plugged the Alembic bass into a Mesa/Boogie bass amp which he made me steal from his friend Ben in the middle of the night. The rest is history... in the making. I had the good fortune of being Bass Slave on every single song on Edensong's debut recording "The Fruit Fallen" and even though I was being scalded by hot coffee, having staples punched into the backs of my shoulders, and basically being lit on fire every night, I was contributing historic melody bass parts to some of the most innovative music to be made during this century. I forgive James Schoen for kidnapping and abusing me, for he has given me the ability to be free as a musician.

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