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Barry Seroff

Full Name: Barry Seroff
Born: Born July 4th 1978
Originally From: Queens, NY
Currently located in: Easton, CT

Favorite Movies:
Seven Samurai

Favorite TV:

Favorite Books:
Finnegan's Wake

Favorite Food:

Favorite Beatle:

Favorite/Most Influential Music:
Beethoven, John Coltrane, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Albert Ayler, Varese, Metallica, King Crimson, Fugazi, Neutral Milk Hotel, Glenn Branca, etc.... 

Favorite Concert:
Coltrane, if only

5 Desert Island Discs:
Goldberg Variations-Glenn Gould, John Coltrane-live at Birdland, Symphony #3- Beethoven, In The Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel, Abbey Road-Beatles, Highway 61Revisited- Bob Dylan

"I wish I could write you a melody so plain/That could hold you dear lady from going insane/That could ease you and cool you and cease the pain/of your useless and pointless knowledge"- Bob Dylan- Tombstone Blues

Barry Seroff was born in Flushing, Queens on July 4th 1978. He earned his Bachelors at the Aaron Copland School of Music where he studied with some of the great minds of the twentieth century; theory with Joe Strauss, composition with Paul Alan Levi, Jeff Nichols, and Bruce Saylor, and musicology with Henry Burnett. At the same time outside of school, he studied classical flute with Michael Laderman and Petina Cole, modern and traditional jazz guitar with Joe Giglio and Bern Nix, and shakuhachi with Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin.

Barry spent many years jumping in and out of bands, most notably Little Ricky's House of Chankletas. It was in this setting that he was introduced to Stefan Paolini, and through Stefan Edensong. Since then, Edensong has been his primary focus in the world of rock music. Outside of that, he has played with musicians including William Parker, Anthony Braxton, Marc Ribot, Daniel Carter, Merry Fortune, and Ken Schalk, among others.

Aside from being an accomplished musician, Barry Seroff has also earned high accolades as a composer. His compositions range from traditional chamber ensembles and orchestras to more modern settings featuring electric guitar and drumset. His collaborations with poet Merry Fortune were performed at St. Marks Church, and eventually led to recordings with legendary guitarist Marc Ribot. He is also the winner of the Hubert Sukoff Award for Composition in 2006 and was awarded the AMC Composers Assistance Grant in 2009 for his cantata Democracy, which was premiered at Issue Project Room in March of 2010. His work has been premiered by the International Contemporary Ensemble, Second Instrumental Unit, New Haven Improvisers Collective, ThingNY and Anti-Social Music.

He received his Masters in composition at Queens College and continues to perform improvised music in and around NY. Further information can be found at his website;, or

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